Parents, please read the Insurance summary below.

This is the best policy currently available to soccer clubs. Please note the low amount available for Dental and Physiotherapy, also note the excess.

Essentially what this means is that Dental is covered only to 350 because of the 150 excess, and the cover is for emegency dental only, so basically any costs incurred on the day of the injury.

We have checked with the insurers to see if there was an option for parents to pay a higher individual premium if they wanted to fully insure their children in the case of a serious dental issue. The answer was 'No', they would have to take out Private Health Insurance for this.

We mentioned to the insurer that the GAA have made this option available to parents, the answer was that because of the risks involved with hurling, the GAA have negotiated this deal for their sport, but it is definitely not available to soccer clubs.

This is not an ideal scenario, but we feel it is our duty to point this out, so that parents are aware that the decision is completely for themselves to make regarding their child's participation in soccer. If they feel that the risk is too high, then the only two options seem to be, pay for private health insurance, or tell the child that they can't play soccer as the risk is too great.

If we find an insurance offering for soccer clubs that gives us better cover, we will look again at this, but there are currently only two insurers for clubs, and they have very similar policy offerings.  

We have the Gold Cover.

How to make a claim

1. Report the incident to your club Secretary within 30

days, the incident will then be reported to O'Driscoll
O'Neil either by telephone or email

via our website and your claim will be
registered. Please note that any

claims reported more than 60 days after the date of the
injury will not be covered

by the policy

2. A claim form will be sent to the club which must be fully
completed by you, the medical

certificate must be completed by your doctor and the fully
completed form should then

be returned to your club Secretary to be counter-signed
before being sent back to

O'Driscoll O'Neil (please note, if any of the questions on
the claim form are left

unanswered O'Driscoll O'Neil will be unable to process your

3. If you are claiming for medical expenses you must send
all original invoices and

receipts to O'Driscoll O'Neil with your claim form. If your
treatment is ongoing you may

send in additional invoices receipts as your treatment
continues. However, if you hold

private medical insurance your claim must be submitted to
your private health

insurer first. Any amounts not covered by that policy can
then be claimed through the

club's Personal Accident insurance, subject to written
confirmation from VHI or similar

of the payments made and/or declined

4. If you are claiming for physiotherapy treatment this must
be certified by a registered

medical practitioner and is limited to €250 per player per
insurance year

5. If you are intending to claim for loss of earnings
(Platinum, Gold and Silver Cover only)

you must send in the following documentation with your claim

i) 6 payslips for the 6-week period immediately prior to the
date of the injury showing

your net weekly wage. If you are self-employed a letter from
your accountant on

company headed paper will be required to confirm your net
weekly earnings for the

same 6-week period

ii) A photocopy of your most recent P60

iii)A signed letter from your employer on company headed
paper detailing your

entitlement to receive sick pay whilst absent from work (we
reserve the right to

contact your employer to verify the authenticity of this

iv)Confirmation from Social Welfare of your entitlement to
receive illness benefit whilst

unable to work as a direct result of your injury. If you are
not entitled to receive this

benefit you must obtain a letter from Social Welfare
specifically stating that you do not

qualify for illness benefit

v) O'Driscoll O'Neil will also request regular medical
reports from your doctor giving an

indication of the date you are expected to be fit to return
to work and sport.

Please note that O'Driscoll O'Neil will be unable to process
your loss of

earnings claim unless all of the above documentation has
been received

Once your claim for loss of earnings has been processed and
approved, O'Driscoll

O'Neil will endeavour to issue payment to you on a
fortnightly basis

Important: If the date of the injury is before the operative
dates of cover stated above, the level

of cover and the policy benefits may be different.

Once all claims documentation has been received as requested
by O'Driscoll O'Neil, claims are

processed within 48 hours. All claims are dealt with through
the club Secretary or designated

Directors: Niall D. O'Driscoll, Tim O'Driscoll, Declan Troy

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club contact, all correspondence, including the issue of
cheques, will be sent via the club unless

O'Driscoll O'Neil are specifically requested by
the club to do otherwise