Parents, please read the Insurance summary below.

This is the best policy currently available to soccer clubs. Please note the low amount available for Dental and Physiotherapy, also note the excess.

Essentially what this means is that Dental is covered only to 350 because of the 150 excess, and the cover is for emegency dental only, so basically any costs incurred on the day of the injury.

We have checked with the insurers to see if there was an option for parents to pay a higher individual premium if they wanted to fully insure their children in the case of a serious dental issue. The answer was 'No', they would have to take out Private Health Insurance for this.

We mentioned to the insurer that the GAA have made this option available to parents, the answer was that because of the risks involved with hurling, the GAA have negotiated this deal for their sport, but it is definitely not available to soccer clubs.

This is not an ideal scenario, but we feel it is our duty to point this out, so that parents are aware that the decision is completely for themselves to make regarding their child's participation in soccer. If they feel that the risk is too high, then the only two options seem to be, pay for private health insurance, or tell the child that they can't play soccer as the risk is too great.

If we find an insurance offering for soccer clubs that gives us better cover, we will look again at this, but there are currently only two insurers for clubs, and they have very similar policy offerings.