Some Divisions in NDSL getting an extra round of Matches.

09/02/2012 17:30

There are some divisions very far advanced with their league programme at present.  In order to ensure that teams continue playing football for the remainder of the season it has been necessary to implement a competitive third round of fixtures in these divisions.


The following divisions will require a competitive 3rd round of fixtures.


Under 12 Premier

Under 12 B

Under 13B

Under 13 E

Under 13 F

Under 14 A

Under 14 B

Under 14 C


The home team will be determined by pitch / referee availability on the date of fixture.  We will try where possible to ensure that each team gets an even number of home / away fixtures in these rounds.


These are competitive fixtures and will be noted in the papers by (3rd Round) after the fixture.  Failure to compete in these games will result in the usual walkover rule being applied i.e. loss of points and club fine.