Report from NDSL Meeting August 19th

23/08/2010 15:53


Update from the NDSL meeting on Thursday 19 August


League starts Saturday September 4th and Sunday September 5th.

There will be no League Cups this year at the start of season. It’s straight into the League.

Dates for next seasons Cup Finals will be Saturdays May 7th and May 14th.


Three FAI Referee Beginners Courses will take place in the Oscar Traynor Centre:

1.       27-29 August

2.       17-19 September

3.       15-17 October


Places have to be booked, email or text 0868588922 to register your interest.

Photo ID For All NDSL players – Between now and Christmas, the NDSL hope to call out to every club and photograph every player in order to issue all players with Photo ID Cards. More to come on this I’m sure.


Nominations are being sought from all clubs for a club representative to sit on the Board of the NDSL and be a Non Voting member.


New Rule: A player may play for another team at his club providing he is under the age level for the team AND that he doesn’t play at a higher level than the said team, i.e, an U15A player couldn’t play for the U15C team, but an U15C player could play for the U15A. If any manager wishes to play a player off another Rush team, please check the rules first.